Self Fit – The Self Measuring Guide

Answer the following questions as well as completing a few easy measurements so we can find the optimal size for you.

You just need 5 minutes, a tape measure and a friend!

Now for the measurements! You will need a tape measure with CM’s and someone to assist with the measuring.


Please measure customer around neck leaving 1 finger gap for comfort


Measure under arms holding firmly not tightly at widest point across the chest


Measure in a straight line between the 2 shoulder bones


Firmly but not tightly measure around stomach at point of belly button


Have the person being measured to sit upright on a seat and measure from the bottom seam of the collar to the base of the seat. (If wearing a T-shirt then from the top of the collar hem)


Measure from shoulder bone to 2 fingers above thumb crease


Please measure customer around waist confirming position on waist where customer normally wears his trousers

HIP (at widest point)

Measure at widest point firmly but not tightly


Measure from top of waistband to the floor