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Six 'Suit Etiquette' Rules to Know Before Shopping for Men's Suits in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast

If you are in need of a new men's suit or two in Brisbane or Gold Coast, Roman Daniels can help. With a reputation in the men's formalwear industry that dates back to 1989, the Roman Daniels Suit Club is Australia's top stockist for two-trouser merino wool suits. While we only have one retail showroom nationally (located in Sydney), we do make our full range of suits available online and have 75 fitting stations throughout Australia to make sure you know which size suit to order.

The Top Six Rules of Suit Etiquette

Before you start shopping for the perfect men's suit in Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, though, here are 10 rules of 'suit etiquette' to remember. Some of these rules are unspoken while others have been repeated time and time again.

  • Match the belt colour to your shoes: The colour of your belt should not necessarily match the colour of your suit, but the colour of your shoes. For instance, with black suits, you have to wear black shoes, which means you're also wearing a black belt. But if you are wearing a navy suit, you might opt for burgundy shoes which means you also need a burgundy belt.
  • Business suits are normally double-button: One button? Two buttons? Three buttons? What should you choose? There's some flexibility for general use, but usually, business suits should be double-button.
  • Don't button all the button: Suit novices make the mistake of buttoning all the buttons on their jackets. With a two-button suit, however, you should only ever button the top button. You have more flexibility with a three-button suit, where you can either button just the centre button or button the top two.
  • Do use your buttons: Some men like the comfort and look of wearing their suit jackets unbuttoned. While this might be okay in less formal settings—like after dinner at a wedding, when the dancing starts—it's poor etiquette in the professional world. You should make it a habit of buttoning your jacket whenever you stand up and unbuttoning it when you sit down.
  • The cuffs of your shirtsleeves should be visible: The basic rule here is that the cuffs of your shirtsleeves should extend about half an inch beyond the end of your jacket sleeves. If your cuffs aren’t visible, either your jacket is too big or your shirt is too small.
  • The width of your tie should be comparable to the width of your lapel: Trying to figure out if you can wear a skinny tie with your new suit? Check the lapel. According to the basic rules of suit etiquette, the width of your tie should be roughly the same as the width of your lapel.

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