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Interesting Facts about Suits—and Where to Find Affordable Men's Suits in Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra or Adelaide

Did you know that the use of suits as formalwear dates all the way back to the 16th century? Are you familiar with some of the colour-related rules that govern how different suits and shoes can be worn in combination? For you, a suit might be a way to look good at a party or wedding or a way to fit in with the dress code at work. The men's suit has an extensive and fascinating history, though, and we've compiled some of the most interesting facts of that history below.

The Top Three Most Interesting Suit Facts

  • The origin of suits

    Whether you think of suits in terms of your work wardrobe or in relation to legendary film characters like James Bond, the chances are that you think of suits as something relatively modern. Believe it or not, though, the use of suits as formalwear dates back centuries, to the court of Charles II, King of England. One of Charles' mandates was that all men should wear long coats or jackets during assemblies. The design of suits has evolved since, but the concept of wearing them for important occasions remains the same.

  • The evolution of fabrics

    If you know much about suits, you probably know they come in a range of different fabrics. It used to be that all suit designers made their suits out of one of three types of cloth: wool, cotton or linen. Those textiles looked good, offered a high-quality product and were very breathable—ideal for body temperature and overall comfort.

    This 'standard fabric' trend started to change in the middle of the 20th century, with the arrival of polyester. Suddenly, suits were being made not from natural fabrics, but from artificial ones. Synthetic cloth solved some of the long-held criticisms for suits—such as the easy-wrinkle nature of linen, or the itchiness of lower-quality wool. However, these suits also looked artificial and weren't very comfortable because they lost the breathability of their more natural counterparts.

    Eventually, most suit manufacturers settled on a compromise: blends, fabrics that mixed the advantages of synthetic materials (affordability, no wrinkling, etc.) with the benefits of natural materials (breathability and a more attractive look).

    If you work with Roman Daniels to find the perfect men's suit in Melbourne or Hobart, do note that we still prefer the all-natural route. All of our suits are made from high-quality merino wool, which provides a beautiful, breathable look without the itchiness that is sometimes associated with lower-grade wool.

  • Black suit = black shoes

    If your quest for the perfect men's suit in Adelaide or Canberra leads you to a black suit, you had best pick up a pair or two of black shoes, as well. When you wear a grey suit, you have a lot of flexibility with shoe choice. You can choose black shoes, brown shoes or even red or burgundy shoes, depending on the shade. Navy blue suits are similarly flexible. With black suits, you have one option: black shoes. Based on suit etiquette, nothing else is remotely acceptable.

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