Business Suits - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast

A Guide to Business Suit Colours for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Professionals

Navy or charcoal grey? Beige or tan? Black or brown? Whether you are trying to decide which suit colour to add to your wardrobe next or need help choosing the first business suit for your collection, at Roman Daniels, we are here to help. Before you visit one of our fitting rooms to get measured for your business suit in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, read on for a quick run-through of the various suit colours we have available and when they might be appropriate office attire.

The Staples: Navy Blue and Charcoal Grey

Ask 15 businessmen in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast to name the most important business suit colour, and you might not get the same answer every time. However, the chances are that your responses will be split primarily between two options: navy blue and charcoal grey.

On virtually every ranking of business suit colours—not just in Australia, but also in North America and Europe—navy and charcoal grey top the list. Stylish, professional and flexible, these are the suit colours to choose if you are just starting your business wardrobe. You can't go wrong with either, so choose whichever represents your taste and style more. Or, alternatively, buy one of each!

The Next Steps: Black, Greys and Other Colours

When you shop with Roman Daniels Suit Club for your business suits in Gold Coast or Brisbane, you will notice that our selection goes far beyond just navy blue and charcoal grey. While those colours may be the basics of any men's business wardrobe, once you have them, much of the fun is found by branching out into less standard colour options.

Black suits, for instance, provide a classy (and classic) option that is perfect for more formal occasions like dinner parties, fundraisers or even important meetings and presentations. You can also flesh out your suit wardrobe with many different shades of grey. For instance, light grey suits provide a laidback look perfect for the warmer months of the year. Also consider patterning for these colours of business suits, like pinstripes or herringbone, for an even more unique look.

At Roman Daniels, we also carry suits in light and bright blues—including gun metal blue, royal blue and cobalt. (Visit our online store to see what these different shades of blue look like!) Though not as common as grey or navy suits, these 'true blue' options (as they are often referred) allow you to make a bold statement of style and personality. For those not afraid of going against the grain, one of these suits is a worthwhile purchase.

Get Affordable Business Suits in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane, through Roman Daniels

Business suits from the Roman Daniels suit club are comfortable, made from high-quality merino wool and available in all of the colours discussed above. Our suits also often come at discounted prices or sell on amazing promotions, such at 'buy one, get one free' deals. All suit purchases also come with two pairs of trousers, making them ideal as day-to-day business attire. If you've been searching for the perfect business suit in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, look no further.