Make a Great First Impression, with a Roman Daniels Tailored Suit in Sydney, Newcastle Perth or Online

Whether you are speaking at a keynote event, heading into an important business meeting or meeting a date at a fancy restaurant, a good suit can deliver a definite first impression before you even say a word. A good suit can give you greater confidence. A good suit can help you come across as more professional or experienced. A good suit can highlight all of your best physical attributes. In short, a good suit is something every man needs, and at Roman Daniels, we can help you find the perfect suit.

Operating largely as an online business for the past nine years, Roman Daniels is an Australian suit provider known for value and quality. Our stock of two trouser Merino wool suits is the largest of any suit vendor in Australia. Our selection of suit colours and styles—along with shirts, ties, handkerchiefs and more—is extensive and comprehensive. Bottom line, it doesn't matter if you are looking for a discount suit in Newcastle or a made-to-order tailored suit in Sydney: Roman Daniels is the place to shop.

Finding the Right Tailored Suits in Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney

If you are going the made-to-order route, then Roman Daniels can provide tailored suits online. Please note that all of the suits we carry have been purposefully tailored with the Australian male in mind. Even if you choose not to use our made-to-order service, any suit in your order from Roman Daniels will be hand-finished and will boast a tailored stitch on the shoulders and pockets like a signature.

If you want a suit that fits like a glove, though, then the Roman Daniels made-to-order option is the best choice for you. We offer made-to-order options for both suits (made from Merino wool) and dress shirts (made from luxurious Egyptian cotton). All made-to-order suits are, of course, tailored to your specific measurements and hand-sewn to ensure the finest craftsmanship. In most cases, a made-to-order suit will take four to six weeks to arrive. You can learn more about this particular Roman Daniels offering online, at

Visit a Roman Daniels Fitting Station Today to Get Started

Roman Daniels is unique among Australian suit suppliers in that we don't have full stores in every major city or region throughout the country. If you want a tailored suit in Sydney, you can visit our full showroom. If you are looking for tailored suits in Perth, Newcastle or any other Australian city, though, you will instead visit one of our fitting stations.

As mentioned previously, we at Roman Daniels sell and stock most of our tailored suits and other products online. We have one retail showroom, based in Sydney, and 75 additional fitting stations spread out nationally. Our fitting stations all use the same unique software and fool proof fitting methods, to ensure that your measurements are 100% accurate. Find a fitting station near you by typing in your postal code at!